I don’t about you but I find my body doesn’t react in the same way to alcohol as it used to! I love a good night out, but it definitely takes me longer to recover. The other thing I notice is too much alcohol definitely doesn’t help with weight gain and menopausal symptoms.

How Alcohol Impacts on Your Weight:

Alcohol has a two-fold negative effect on our ability to lose fat:

  1. Alcohol is highly calorific and easily over-consumed. Compare its calorific value with the other components of our diet: Alcohol is 7kcal/g, fat is 9 kcal/g, both protein and carbohydrate are roughly 4kcal/g).
  2. The simple presence of alcohol in your system has a hugely negative impact on your ability to metabolise fat. Period!

This was illustrated by a study where 8 men were given two drinks of vodka and lemonade separated by 30 minutes. Each drink contained just under 90 calories. Fat metabolism was measured before and after consumption of the drink.alcohol


The reason why alcohol has this dramatic effect on fat metabolism has to do with the way alcohol is handled in the body. Rather than getting stored as fat, the main fate of alcohol is conversion into acetate and the presence of acetate in the system puts the brakes on fat loss. The greater the quantity of alcohol, the greater the quantity of acetate created, the less likely fat is metabolised

In other words, your body tends to use whatever you feed it, and after a time becomes adapted to the macro nutrient intake. Unfortunately when acetate levels rise, your body burns the acetate preferentially.

So the body simply burns the acetate first, this basically pushes fat oxidation out of the metabolic equation.

Tips For Reducing Alcohol

  • Make a plan – before you start drinking, set a limit on how much you’re going to drink.
  • Set a budget – only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol.
  • Let your friends and family know you’re cutting down and it’s important to you, you could get support from them.
  • Take it a day at a time – cut back a little each day/each week/each month
  • Make it a smaller one – you can still enjoy a drink, but go for smaller sizes.
  • Have a lower-strength drink
  • Stay hydrated – have a glass of water before you have alcohol and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or a soft drink.
  • Take a break – have several drink-free days each week.

Benefits of cutting down

Positive meThe immediate effects of cutting down include:

  • feeling better in the mornings
  • being less tired during the day
  • your skin may start to look better
  • you’ll start to feel fitter
  • you may stop gaining weight
  • improved menopause symptoms, especially hot flushes


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