Understanding Your Way Through The Menopause

  • One of the biggest challenges we face as women is the lack of information and understanding around the menopause
  • This is one of the biggest changes your body will go through and yet we’re not really taught anything about it
  • We don’t want you to be terrified. We want to arm you with lots of information and guidance
  • In this section, we cover all aspects of the menopause ensuring you feel informed and knowledgeable as you move through your journey

Here are some great posts to start reading:

What is The Menopause? – click here to read

First, and most importantly, menopause is a normal, natural event – not a disease. Another important point is all women experience it but each in a unique way. It signals the end of fertility and the beginning of a new and potentially rewarding time in your life.

Is it me or my hormones? – click here to read

It’s so hard to know and separate what is happening with our bodies during all these changes. Here I help you to understand more about what hormones affect and why these changes may be leading to some of your symptoms.

Can sleep help my menopause? – click here to read

This article shows you why tackling your sleep issues could be the answer to many of your menopause symptoms. i also share lots of tips of things you can try to resolve your sleep issues and massively improve how you’re feeling

Stress & why we must tackle this today – click here to read 

Stress is not entirely bad, stress is a normal part of life and we are built to handle it. Some stress is good for us. However, too much, over a long period can cause harm to our physical and mental health. It can be a vicious circle – stress can lead to poor sleep and poor sleep can lead to stress. This is why i consider stress and sleep two of the key things to tackle at this stage in our lives.


The Menopause Club No-Nonsense Guides:

Subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get my free guide “What’s My Body trying to Tell Me?”. Taking time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you can be really powerful in adapting your behaviour to improve your menopausal symptoms. Recording what your body is telling you can help you spot patterns, triggers and provide you with a huge amount of information to help you make good decisions to look after and help your body through this transition. This booklet is designed to help you become more aware of all the messages your body is trying to tell you. The symptoms you are feeling are often your body trying to tell you something is missing or you’re getting too much of something. Take some time to listen and see what you can find out



You’ll also receive a copy of my guide “10 Things I Can Do Today To Improve My Menopause”. Each woman’s experience of the menopause is individual varied and unpredictable. You may want to read this workbook and pick on a couple of issues that you know will have the biggest effect on you. You may feel you need a complete overhaul in all areas to feel healthier, fitter and happier. There is no right or wrong answer. Take time to work through the different areas and decide on your priorities and the actions you want to take. At the end, there is a chart to fill in with your actions to make things as simple as possible.

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