Thank you for making me feel like me again!

“I can’t believe how different I feel after working with Sally and the Menopause Club. Sally is lovely, she really listened and helped me understand where I’d been going wrong. I was that person on a new diet every week, never sticking to anything and making myself miserable. When the menopause hit, my health was really low and I felt like I’d been run over most days. Everything hurt, my brain stopped working, I was horrible to be around (not sure how I still have a husband and kids) and I just wanted to hide myself away from the world. 6 months on I feel like me again. I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, trust me I do, but they’re less often and I feel able to cope. Thank you for making me feel like me again x”

Carole, 49

When I met Sally!

“I’ve always been someone who just gets on and does. I work long hours and travel lots in a job I love. I have 2 children at high school and a husband who works like me. I’ve always worked at 1000 miles an hour and never sit still. I generally ate quite well, although lots of coffee and wine were impossible to live without and I exercised full on 2-3 times a week. My attitude was life’s too short and I wanted to get as much out of every minute as possible. Then the menopause hit and what a hit. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I knew about the hot sweats and although they weren’t pleasant I found ways to manage but I wasn’t expecting the rest. I couldn’t sleep, had no energy, felt bloated all the time, gained so much weight even though I was still exercising and I felt like a couldn’t function at work. I sat in the pub with my friend in tears (I never cry like that) saying I thought I was broken. She introduced me to Sally and the Menopause Club and life has got a whole lot better. Firstly, I now understand this is normal, which although doesn’t sound much, it is a real reassurance that I’m not going insane. I’ve adjusted my diet and exercise programme and I sleep better, have more energy and feel like I’m getting stronger all the time. The biggest shift for me was the Project Me workbook as I realised how much stuff I was holding onto that I needed to let go and where I needed to focus my time. I feel so much more positive about the future and even getting a bit excited about no more periods and the freedom of having grown-up kids. Thank you for everything x”

Janet, 48

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