Should we look at self-care the way we care for our gardens?

So, this weekend has been frustrating as although it’s July, here in the north of England it has not stopped raining! All weekend has been grey and wet and certainly not a time to enjoy your garden.

I love our garden but it isn’t looking at its best at the moment. I’ve had a crazy 6 months with work, my husband being away a lot for his work, kids, supporting my parents and my-in laws – just like life for many of us. Because of this, our garden has taken some serious neglect. On the surface it looks ok, the lawn has been kept manageable but when you look closer, parts of it are a real mess.


Last week, when the weather was beautiful I spent some time gardening and initially I felt overwhelmed. Where on earth do I start? I’d pull up a few weeds here and there, think about what plants to buy for the pots for a quick fix to make it look pretty. Then I started on one particular bed and got frustrated because after an hour it didn’t look much different.

This got me thinking about how we do this with our bodies and our well-being. How many times do you feel like you’re in a real mess, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? We then start to look for quick fixes and get frustrated when we don’t see quick results.

So many things in our lives we accept they take time. We don’t expect to plant a seed and for the next day there to be a beautiful plant. We never expected to learn to drive or play the piano overnight. We know if we leave a garden or a plant without the right care and attention it will struggle to thrive.

I feel that when it comes to our health and well-being we are not so patient. The time we spend looking after ourselves right now, the effects may not be immediately obvious but the things we do add up. I’ve vowed when the weather improves to tackle one small piece of the garden at a time. I know realistically it may not be noticeable until next year but every little change and focus on self-care will make a difference.

What changes do you need to make in the way you look after yourself? How much focus do you put on your self-care?

Are you realistic with how long things take and are you willing to invest the time in your health and well-being?

I often talk about the ‘Big Rocks’ we need to tackle when working with clients. The 4 biggest areas I think we often need to be focusing on are:

Hormonal Big Rocks

  • Stress Management (current and historic)
  • Diet and hydration – are we fuelling our bodies to feel well?
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Moving more/increasing muscle mass


These things won’t happen overnight. They take time and consistent action and some of them can feel very difficult and overwhelming. Imagine if you took one small action every week in each of these areas. How would you feel a year from now?

We know what a huge impact menopause can have on our health and well-being, let’s take the time to make the changes we know we should be making. Be realistic. Be consistent.  And ultimately enjoy the time you spend on caring for you.

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