Your Menopause Mindset

  • How do you feel about approaching the menopause?
  • There is still so much negativity around the word menopause. So much of the media that surrounds us everyday is about chasing youth, how to look younger, feel younger etc.
  • The fact is every single one of us is getting older every day and there’s nothing we can do about it. If we approach this stage of our lives focusing on the negative then life can get a whole lot worse.
  • Negative thinking can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, your emotional state, your motivation, your dedication and your goals.
  • Now, I’m not saying we should all be smiley and happy as our bodies feel like they’re heating the whole house and we will all have bad days where life feels tough. However, we do have the power to choose how we react to things.
  • If you spend all your time telling yourself “I’ll never lose this weight”, “I’m always going to feel like this”, “What’s the point? I’m too old” then you will start to listen to yourself.
  • What if you told yourself “I’m taking action to get healthier every day”, “I’m going to enjoy this part of my life”, “I have so much to look forward to”.
  • What we tell ourselves on a daily basis has a huge impact on how we feel and what action we take. You can be an active participant in your health and well-being and we can help you.
  • In this section I have included some visualisations and meditations as well as some excerpts from my “Project Me” programme. There are also links to some great motivational reading and viewing:

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Think positive? This may sound like a simple answer but we have a choice. We can choose how we respond to our symptoms, our challenges and the stress in our lives.

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