Menopause Club for Business Services

Menopause Club for Business Workshops:

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Support workshop for female employees:

These workshops are aimed at your female employees who are approaching or going through the menopause. The aim of these workshops is to:

  • Remove the taboo and get women talking confidently about menopause in the workplace
  • Ensure women have a clear understanding of what is happening to their bodies and why
  • Support women in how to manage their menopause at work and home to ensure the impact on productivity, attendance, engagement and retention is minimised
  • Help women take control of their menopause by providing practical strategies for managing menopause symptoms like hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety both at work and at home
  • Support women in becoming confident in disclosing issues around menopause to their line managers and HR teams. Help them to understand what support and reasonable adjustments are on offer so they can continue to be successful and productive in their roles


Education workshop for line managers and HR professionals:


These workshops are aimed at managers and HR professionals

  • Remove the taboo and ensure line managers and HR professionals can talk confidently about the menopause
  • Educate line managers and HR professionals on menopausal symptoms and what might be the appropriate support to female team members affected by menopause at work
  • Ensure there is a clear understanding and belief in the business benefits of supporting women through the menopause in the workplace
  • Educate on the legal framework surrounding issues relating to the menopause¬†menopause in the workplace


Menopause Club for Business Toolkits:


Our toolkits can be designed bespoke to your organisational needs and can include some or all of the following:

  • Example menopause policy
  • Gender sensitive health and safety checklist
  • Example menopause risk assessment checklist
  • Support webinar workshop for female employees affected by menopause
  • Education webinar workshop for managers and HR professionals
  • Awareness webinar workshop for all employees
  • Marketing and training material to deliver in-house training by your own employees
  • Live workshops as listed above
  • How to create a menopause champion and set up live or virtual menopause support groups


If you’re unsure where to start, we can work with your organisation to help map out menopause support as part of your overall employee well-being strategy.

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