It’s Ok Not To Be Ok!

More than ever this is so important for us to accept this, but how do you be ok with not being ok? Especially at the moment, It’s ok not to be ok!

Life at the moment is not ‘normal’ for anyone. So much has changed. You may be finding life feels ok for you, you may be enjoying being at home and you may be relishing the time to take a step back from the rush of daily life. Or, you may be finding this time incredibly hard. Anxiety may be exacerbated, you may be struggling to balance work, kids, supporting parents along with the overriding worry of when this is going to end.

Whatever you are feeling – it’s ok. It’s important to recognise and acknowledge how the current situation is affecting you.

Ok Not To Be OK

One of the things I’ve learnt through this journey is it’s ok to take some time out to deal with how you’re feeling. Looking after yourself has to be a priority as you can’t look after everyone else if you’re struggling yourself. I’ve talked previously about your allostatic load. The primary hormonal mediators of the stress response, glucocorticoids and catecholamines, have both protective and damaging effects on the body. In the short term, they are essential for adaptation, maintenance of homeostasis, and survival (allostasis). Yet, over longer time intervals, they exact a cost (allostatic load) that can impact on your well-being.

allostatic loadThis is the accumulation of everything that’s happened in your life and you can only cope with so much. That one next thing could be the thing that tips you over, that thing that makes life feel really hard to cope with. What we are all currently dealing with is a very large thing and it will have its impact.

You need to give yourself time to feel, acknowledge how you feel and think about what you can or want to do about those feelings. None of us are Superwoman although we are all super women. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes and it’s ok to give yourself a break.


Some of the time in lockdown I’ve felt very motivated to exercise, eat well and really focus on what I want to achieve from this enforced time at home. Other times I spent days just surviving. My current focus is balancing work but also taking time off work, chatting to amazing friends and family, binge watched feel good TV, sleep and allowing myself time to process what’s going on. I can’t fix the situation and there are a lot of things that feel so out of my control. But, I can focus on the positive things I can do each day to feel better and accept that some days I might not feel Ok and that that’s OK. I know it may be hard to do but your health and well-being must be your priority, do what you can to properly take care of yourself.

taking care

Be kind to yourself, look after your needs so you can look after others. And never be afraid to ask for help.

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