So this weekend was my step-son’s wedding and my two daughters were bridesmaids.


It was the most amazing weekend, celebrating with our lovely family and seeing such a gorgeous young couple start their journey together.

Today I feel a little bit broken, too much amazing food, too much gin and prosecco and nowhere near enough sleep. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


Now I know in peri-menopause it takes me a long time to get over a weekend like this. I also know I can no longer tolerate alcohol in the same way as I used to and eating my bodyweight in bread yesterday to soak up the hangover has not left me feeling great today. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some times when we just let go and not worry about it. I know this week I will ensure I get myself back on track, firstly catching up on sleep, drinking lots of water and starting to fuel my body better. Then when I feel recovered, get back to exercise.

Feeling Low

What I won’t be doing is feeling guilty, beating myself up and punishing myself with a ridiculous diet and exercise regime this week. This is something I’ve learnt over time. I used to go through the cycle of being “good” then falling off being healthy and spend the following week treating myself so badly.

We spend so much of our time feeling guilty for what we haven’t done or what we should have done. What’s the point? It’s past. We need to let go of the guilt and focus on what we’re going to do next.

Tackling Food Habits

I believe the same approach should be used when tackling some of our food habits in general. How many times have you said, right that’s it. Monday is where it starts! I’m exercising every day, eating only healthy food, no alcohol, no sugar, no starchy carbs, lots of vegetables and fruit etc. etc. Then you get to Wednesday, it all seems too much and you eat a whole packet of chocolate chip cookies, just because you can. Then you think, well that’s this week ruined so I’ll start again next week and the cycle continues.

To me a better way is to change things slowly and according to your current habits. I highly recommend taking some time to recall an example “worst day” food-wise. What happens when you have a really bad day? What are your unhealthy eating habits which you know don’t serve you. Here are some examples that may resonate:

  • Snacking in the car to/from work?
  • Finishing the kids tea off because you don’t want to see it wasted?
  • Eating when you’re on your own as if no-one can see, it doesn’t really count?
  • Having one biscuit, which turns into 5 and then into a packet?
  • Snacking while you’re cooking?
  • Coffee to get you going in the morning, wine to relax at night

Once you identify your own habits, start tackling them one by one. Why is this a habit? What tactics could you put into place to change this habit? How does this make you feel?

Now this can feel a bit scary! Our habits are often formed as a false sense of comfort for our emotions. We need to be really honest with ourselves about what is driving each habit.

6 Habits Nutrition Programme

I run a nutrition programme called 6 habits and to me habits are the main things you should be focused on changing if you want to lose weight, feel strong, healthy and happy.


The big thing is about tackling the habits in a way that will stick for you. If you know your current diet isn’t great, trying to implement all 6 habits at once can feel really hard. Start with water. Once that becomes a habit, look at your protein intake. Once this becomes a habit you will feel fuller which makes it easier to tackle your process sugar intake.

The same goes for tackling your unhealthy food habits, tackle them at your own pace but make the changes stick.

I think we need to be kinder to ourselves in the way we tackle how we eat. Healthy eating shouldn’t be seen as punishment for a bad weekend or to force ourselves into losing weight. This week I will be nourishing my body so it starts to feel back to normal and I’m able to enjoy the week ahead.

Is eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep and looking after yourself worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Is having the odd weekend where you just enjoy yourself without thinking about it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

relaxing sleep photo

Now I’m off to make myself a salad, drink some water and have a nap!




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