How To Stay Positive During The Menopause

Join us to learn how on earth to start feeling positive during the menopause:

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your menopause and can’t see how you will ever feel positive
  • If every day is a struggle and you don’t know where to turn
  • If your feel no-one really gets how you’re feeling and you can’t see a way out

Then this is the right place for you to be.

This free webinar will include:

  • An overview of how menopause affects our mind
  • Menopause and how it causes anxiety, feelings of depression and low mood
  • How powerful our mind can be
  • CBT – what is it and how can it help?
  • Practical takeaway guide to help you feeling better

Add in your details below and you’ll receive an email with the link to join us for this free webinar. I really look forward to you joining us.

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