I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping you out along your menopause journey as much as I possibly can. To get you started there is a series of welcome emails designed to inform you without overwhelming you. You’ll get all of these – and more – as part of The Menopause Club mailing list. 

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What Every Woman Should Know About The Menopause

This ebook is a great place to start. I’ve written this book to provide you with information on understanding what the menopause actually is and what this means for your body and your mind. Along the way, I’ll provide helpful hints and tips on actions to improve how you’re feeling. Remember to like our facebook page www.facebook.com/themenopauseclub which provides lots more free information, advice, videos and support with lots of other women just like you.


10 Things I Can Do Today To Improve My Menopause

I’m not promising we can make all your symptoms go away or that we have a miracle cure. However, this is a practical workbook of things you can start to tackle right now that will make you feel better. I know how tough life can be and I want to make sure we can start making it easier together as quickly as possible.

10 Things


What Is My Body Trying To Tell Me?

This booklet is designed to help you become more aware of all the messages your body is trying to tell you. The symptoms you are feeling are often your body trying to tell you something is missing or you’re getting too much of something. Take some time to listen and see what you can find out.


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