Could you be making the menopause worse for some of your female employees?

The workplace can be a tough place for a women as they are going through the menopause. Here we explore how specific aspects of work may make transition symptoms worse.

The evidence base suggests menopause transition symptoms may become more bothersome and/ or more frequent as a result of various aspects of the workplace.


  • Inadequate ventilation, high temperatures, humidity and dryness have a negative impact on the experience of hot flushes


  • Stress related to workload, deadlines, responsibility, formal meetings – especially meetings involving senior colleagues – having to learn something new and/ or presentations is linked to frequency of hot flushes


  • Lack of access to appropriate toilet facilities, cold drinking water or quiet rest areas and not being able to take regular breaks can make coping with heavy or irregular periods, hot flushes and transition-related fatigue difficult.


  • Confined work spaces or crowding can make the experience of hot flushes worse


  • Working with men, clients and younger colleagues can cause mid-life women concern that they will not empathise or that symptoms will affect self-presentation


  • Unsuitable uniforms, ties, suit jackets or other heavy, uncomfortable or cumbersome work-wear can make the experience of hot flushes worse


  • The physical demands of a job can make heavy periods harder to manage


A lot of these situations can be adjusted and improved on to really support your female employees through this transition. Find out more from the articles below.

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