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Hello I’m Sally and Welcome to The Menopause Club. I’m so pleased you’ve found us.Sally Leech

Having worked as a personal trainer and wellness coach for many years I am passionate about helping women. The menopause is such a huge change that we all go through. I have spent years researching and working with women and had amazing results with both my own health and that of my clients and I am a member of the British Menopause Society.

My journey working in women’s health started with my own health challenges.


I came to the fitness industry quite late in my career. After having my second daughter I gained a lot of weight and felt very unhealthy and uncomfortable in my body. I tried our local gym and was given a programme by a very young male instructor. He was very nice but I knew the exercises he was giving me weren’t right for my body and having a conversation with him about pelvic floor issues felt very uncomfortable. I researched and trained myself and found out how to repair my body properly and I found running. I love running, it’s my escape. I’m not particularly fast but I love how it makes me feel. I trained myself to complete my first half marathon and decided I wanted to share my experience with others.

I had the opportunity to take redundancy from my senior corporate job and re-qualified as a women’s health coach and personal trainer, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal repair. I’ve loved this job and worked with 100s of amazing women and some incredible projects bringing health and well-being to a poorly served part of our community.

Roll-forward several years and I started noticing changes in my own body and worked with several clients who were suddenly facing real challenges. Their bodies weren’t responding in the same way to exercise, emotionally they felt like a wreck and they were finding it difficult to find their way through every day life. I researched and studied to support these clients and found the menopause was causing many of these issues. We worked our way through these together and found what worked to improve symptoms, well-being and ensuring they were able to cope and actually feel good about themselves and the transition through menopause.

What I found along the way was the lack of information and support available for women of our age on all things to do with menopause. It made me so cross that so many women were suffering and feeling isolated unnecessarily. And so the idea of The Menopause Club was born.

The whole idea of The Menopause Club is to open up the conversation on the menopause. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject that we’re scared of talking about. Our mission is that “No woman should go through this alone”. I want women to have somewhere they can find out all the information they need to make decisions on the right journey for them. There is so much fear and judgement about taking or not taking HRT. To me women should be allowed to make informed decisions on what is right for them. By arming women with the right information this really empowers them to take control. Every woman’s journey through the menopause is different so I wanted to create a place where we can talk about everything. There’s no judgement on your decisions on they type of treatment you want to pursue.

The menopause often coincides with lots of other things going on in our lives: children growing up/leaving home, looking after ageing parents, worries about getting old etc. We really want to help women take a step back and look at how their life is going, what do they want to change, what do they need to accept and empower them to make this happen.

Prior to launching The Menopause Club I spent 3 years researching and studying. I completed a diploma in 3rd Age Women’s Health with Burrell Education. I’ve read countless books, articles, research papers and attended seminars and conferences. The most valuable research has been speaking to actual women, sharing their stories and their experiences. The main challenges most talk about are:

– feeling isolated with no-one to talk to

– gaining weight and not being able to control it – leading to them feeling low about themselves

– not getting the right support from their GPs and not knowing how to talk to them

– not knowing how to explain how their feeling to their partner and family

– challenges at work and not being able to share what their going through with work colleagues/managers

– depression and anxiety

– typical menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, low mood, loss of libido, lack of sleep etc.

The Menopause Club is here to help you with all things to do with the menopause. Now I’m not promising some miracle cure to make it all go away, I wish I could, but I can promise that we’re here to listen, support and help.

  • You may be looking for information on what to expect and how to prepare your mind and body for the changes that are going to happen.
  • You may be really struggling with symptoms and are looking for some help and ideas on how to make things better.
  • You may be looking for support and understanding from other women facing the same challenges as you.

Whatever stage you’re at, you’re in the right place.

The biggest challenge with the menopause is that if effects every woman differently. Some women breeze through with very little impact apart from their periods stopping. Some have awful physical symptoms such as hot flashes or not being able to sleep. For others, it can have a huge impact on their emotional and mental health with feelings depression and anxiety. Because of this, there is also no one single solution to improving your menopause. Here at the menopause club we work with you to help you find your best journey through this change. We don’t tell you “you must do this” or “you should never do that’. Every woman should be able to make the right choices for them, no judgement just support and information to help make decisions and take action.

Our Values:


  • We tell it like it is. We will talk openly about symptoms, causes and fears without dressing things up to say everything will be perfect. We don’t offer you a miracle quick fix but we show you how to make the best of your journey through the menopause.
  • We want to re-own the word menopause and all its negative connotations. We want to change the way people talk about and react to the word menopause. It shouldn’t be negative but it is everywhere and we want to change this.
  • We help women take responsibility for their own health and well-being now and for the future.
  • We help prepare your body and mind and overcome fears about getting older.
  • We understand how you’re feeling. We understand how hard it can be. We understand the challenges women face balancing everything. We understand the fears and embarrassment associated with the menopause. We understand feeling lonely and isolated and we offer information/practical solutions and support from other women as well as experts. We are women.
  • We are not medical. Our information isn’t medicalised. A lot of online information about the menopause is described in very medical language which doesn’t tackle how you feel or what it means to you, just a physical description of what happens.
  • We aren’t scared of talking about real issues, nothing is taboo.
  • We care. We don’t want to just provide information, we care about making your life better by showing you how to feed and move your body and how to approach this stage in your life with a positive mindset and embrace the changes.
  • We will help change your mindset on what the menopause means for you.
  • We will encourage you to be selfish – putting you first.
  • We help you identify how the menopause is affecting you, providing personalised advice on actions you can take.
  • We advise you on testing and how to discuss the menopause with your GP or other health practitioners. We help you to understand when a medical approach might be the right thing for you.
  • We show you how to fuel your body, move your body, how to be mindful and find joy in your life
  • We provide a social network of other women who get it. We want to enable women to feel like they’ve got a crowd of support behind them every step of the way. A place where they can share their progress, their fears, their frustrations, their successes and their story with other women who care. This community offers support, advice, shared experiences and a virtual shoulder to cry on.
  • We  help you overcome health concerns from family history or previous issues. We help you to understand your risk factors and what you can do to minimise those factors. We help you focus on the positive steps you can take to lead a long healthy life


The Menopause Club - about us



As part of my work with The Menopause Club I also work as an associate trainer with Henpicked:Menopause in the Workplace. Prior to re-qualifying as a Women’s Health Coach, I held several senior management positions in Human Resources. I have taken this expertise and deliver programmes to work with organisations in supporting menopause in the workplace.

One of the key issues that comes up time and again is how tough menopause can be for working women. I have had many clients who have had to take time off or even leave their workplace because of their menopause

How an organisation supports a woman through this transition is critical.

My previous work history was based in a large multi-national corporate working extensively in HR and Operational Management. This experience puts me in a unique position to look at managing the menopause from both a woman’s an organisation’s point of view. I believe becoming menopause-friendly has huge benefits for your organisation.

  • Over 15 years experience working in Operations Management and HR Management
  • Personal Trainer and Women’s Health Coach for 8 years
  • Experienced in the delivery of wellness programmes within a corporate environment
  • Ability to demonstrate the ROI of becoming menopause friendly
  • Director of The Menopause Club for Women (online community for menopause support)

For more information please contact info@henpicked.net

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